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Court Dockets Rescheduled

Based on recommendations from the Texas Office of Court Administration, all scheduled court dockets in League City Municipal Court scheduled during the months of March and April will be rescheduled to a later date. Clerks are currently working on resetting these dockets and will be notifying individuals of their new date to appear.

Jurors scheduled for jury duty on March 24, 2020 at the League City Municipal Court do NOT need to report.

The court is still open for business at this time and representatives are available to process payments, reschedule court dates, and provide information on citations. 

To make a payment using a credit card call 281-554-1060 or go online at

Click here on the court’s website for answers to frequently asked questions.

Court Staff

Title Name Email                          
Presiding Judge Kathleen McCumber N/A
Associate Judge
Dick Gregg III
Prosecution Paige Bailey Email Prosecutor
Court Administrator Shirley Murphy - Level II Certified Email Shirley Murphy
Senior Deputy Court Clerk Jessica Utton - CMCC (Level III Certified) Email Jessica Utton
Lead Deputy Court Clerk Gina Vega-Level I Certified Email Gina Vega
Deputy Court Clerk Amy Baldwin - CMCC Email Amy Baldwin
Deputy Court Clerk Lacy Zapalac - CMCC
Email Lacy Zapalac
Deputy Court Clerk Aimee Roe- Level II Certified Email Aimee Roe
Deputy Court Clerk
Cori Delgado - Level II Certified
Email Cori Delgado


To provide the City of League City with an expeditious, equitable, and impartial court system which will administer the laws that govern its citizens while adhering to the established philosophies of integrity and justice in order to preserve the high quality of life by ensuring compliance with city ordinances, penal and traffic laws.

Municipal Court Building


Cases filed in the Municipal Court include, but are not limited to, traffic and parking violations, Class “C” misdemeanors and violations of city Ordinances. View information on the Office of Court Administration’s Self-Help website.